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SERVICES: Scanning & Digital Services

At Legal Copy Cats, we understand that working in any legal office comes with a very large volume of paperwork. Our professional team of scanning technicians can process and scan thousands of legal documents quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Using state of the art equipment, we scan in multiple formats and create the correct load files for all litigation databases.

Legal Copy Cats uses state of the art equipment high-speed scanners. We scan in multiple formats and create the correct load files for all litigation databases. We scan many types of documents from small checks, color, NCR paper, 11 x 17, irregular-sized items, etc. Our in-house scanning department can take your paper documents and convert them to electronic images so you and your team can view them any time and anywhere – in the office or remotely! Scanning your documents reduces the amount of paper involved in your case and allows you to print physical documents as needed from its digital form. Scanning also protects your files from being lost, damaged or destroyed. We can also print out large volume projects for you if more capacity and a quicker turnaround is required. All images are quality checked page for page and compared against the original documents to confirm accuracy and quality viewable images.

Our company focuses on customer service and uses a proven workflow to ensure that our staff preps, scans, indexes, edits and delivers with total accuracy!

Our scanning and digital services include:

  • - Document Prep
  • - Document Scanning and File Naming
  • - Data Conversion Services
  • - Electronic Document Storage
  • - Digital Archiving
  • - Database Management Services
  • - Coding Services
  • - Custom Tabs
  • - Full-Text Document Imaging
  • - OCR including PDF and TIFF Blowbacks
  • - Legal Database Load File Generation
  • - Bates Labeling and Numbering Services
  • - And much more!

Save Your Firm Time and Money Scanning Case Files and Legal Documents!!

Whether You Have a Small Practice or a Large Legal Firm, Scanning Can Benefit Your Office!!

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